Become an ambassador

It only takes a little time to make a big impact on our environment!

MIT's Green ambassadors make a positive impact on the MIT environment by leading the way for more sustainable behaviors at the Institute. Nearly 100 ambassadors across the campus contribute to the greening of MIT's departments, labs and centers (DLCs).

The program is open to support and administrative staff who can volunteer to distribute recycling information and collect feedback. Departments may have one or more ambassadors depending on the department’s size and needs.

The ambassador's primary role is to act as a liaison between the Working Green Committee and the ambassador's DLC. Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Checking that your DLC or building has adequate recycling bins, and current signage and that people are aware of how to order new bins.

  • Serving as a resource for green purchasing in the DLC

  • Promoting events and recycling information on the Recycling Ambassador's building bulletin boards and/or DLC email list

  • Communicating your DLC's needs, concerns, or questions back to the Working Green Committee

Ambassadors get information from the Working Green Committee co-chairs in the form of email notifications.