The mission of the MIT Working Green Committee is to develop and deliver programs that educate administrative and support staff about sustainability with a focus on recycling, reducing, and reusing goods. The Committee identifies and addresses gaps in staff understanding about working and living sustainably, and promotes the reuse revolution on campus. The Working Green Committee is a subcommittee of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues.

Through educational initiatives and infrastructure improvements made by the Recycling Office, during the past three fiscal years the Institute produced less trash and more recycling. From FY15 to FY16 there was an increase of 120 tons of single stream. That's a lot of plastic, paper, glass and aluminum diverted from landfills and incinerators.

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MIT's Green ambassadors make a positive impact on the MIT environment by leading the way for more sustainable behaviors at the Institute. Nearly 100 ambassadors across the campus contribute to the greening of MIT's departments, labs and centers (DLCs). Become an ambassador today!