The mission of the MIT Working Green Committee is to develop and deliver programs that educate administrative and support staff about sustainability with a focus on recycling, reducing, and reusing goods. The Committee identifies and addresses gaps in staff understanding about working and living sustainably, and promotes the reuse revolution on campus. The Working Green Committee is a subcommittee of the Working Group for Support Staff.
Food Sorting signs

Waste Audits performed routinely by MIT students and staff show the progress on waste diversion. Through educational initiatives and infrastructure improvements made by the Recycling Office, MIT now has 23 food waste collection points on campus. MIT's design out waste goal includes increasing the volume of food waste diverted from the disposal. The goal is to have food waste collection in all undergraduate dormitories by 2026.

Choose to Reuse! Join the Reuse Revolution by donating your gently used items from your home or office. Help keep clothes, housewares, books, and toys from going into the trash by giving them a new life through reuse!. See the Events Page for more details.

Collaborative Climate Action @ MIT is an opportunity for all staff members to participate in MIT's climate action goals. This program will give you the tools and the community to make a difference.. Join the program today!