Conserving at Home

Many of the ways you conserve at work can be applied to conserving at home. For example, you can reduce single serve water bottle waste by installing a water filter in your home. Below is a list of tips….


  • Buy less "stuff" and buy secondhand whenever possible

  • Recycle as much trash as possible

  • Reduce the use of disposable products - use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins

  • Donate unwanted clothing and household items instead of throwing them away

  • If possible, buy in bulk. Reduce wasteful packaging and containers by reusing existing glass or plastic containers by refilling them.

  • Drink spring water at home? Instead of generating an endless supply of single serving water bottles, install a faucet water filter and use reusable glasses. compares the top water filters for faucets, showers, and the entire house. Another good selection of kitchen faucet water filters can be found at Or try a home delivery service which features refillable 5-gallon jugs.

  • "Paper or Plastic?" "Neither!" Use a reusable tote bag or backpack for errands and groceries.

  • 9 simple ways to reduce waste in your home. None of these actions involve drastic changes in your life, yet each packs an environmental punch. For those interested in a zero waste lifestyle Zero Waste Home lists 100 tips to reach that goal. 

Water/ Energy

  • Turn off your computer and TV when not in use and unplug small appliances (e.g. coffee machine or printer)

  • Use a power strip which you can switch off when not in use

  • Lower the heat or AC at home

  • Find tips on how to conserve water at home here: 20 ways to conserve water

  • Mass Save home audit

  • Do you own fleece clothing or use microfiber clothes? Patagonia has tips on how to reduce micro-fiber leakage during washing