People browsing used goods at a Working Green event

Choose to Reuse


Academic Year 2024-2025

  • Thursday, September 19

  • Thursday, October 17

  • Thursday, November 21

  • Wednesday, December 18

  • Thursday, February 20, 2025

  • Wednesday, March 19

  • Thursday, April 24

  • Thursday, May 15

In the Stata Center, TSMC Lobby
(Mirror Lobby at corner of Main and Vassar)

Drop-off begins:  8:00 AM
Pick-up: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

How it works

Donate and pick up items.  Everything at Choose to Reuse is free!
Five items per person until 12:20. Then, no limit from 12:20-1:00.

If you’re not sure what condition an item should be in, consider this: if you wouldn’t buy it at a thrift store, then don’t bring it. Bring clean and usable clothes, books, and other household items.
Don't bring opened or expired food items, aerosol cans, anything broken, missing parts or unclean

You don't have to give to get. And, you don't have to take back your item if no one chooses it. Everything that remains is donated or recycled by the Department of Facilities Recycling Program. We also have "Donation in Kind" forms for tax deductions.

Want more information? Check out our FAQ or come to an event and see how it works in person!

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Become a volunteer!

Interested in volunteering at Choose to Reuse? Are you a new volunteer and need more information?

Download Choose to Reuse Responsiblitiies for more information

Email us at with questions and to sign up!