Collaborative Climate Action Program

It only takes a little time to make a big impact on our environment!

The Office of Sustainability and the Working Green Committee have partnered to reboot the green ambassadors program. Whether you still consider yourself to be an ambassador or you were one in the past, you are all invited to join this group.

Collaborative Climate Action @ MIT 

Addressing some of MIT's climate goals relies on the collective efforts of individuals and departments, given the Institute's decentralized structure and culture. Empowering individuals and departments in making a positive impact, the Collaborative Climate Action Program at MIT provides the necessary tools, information, and support to foster sustainable practices and drive real change. Join us to explore a wide range of actions, such as hosting sustainable events, engaging in purposeful purchasing, reducing the carbon footprint of food procurement, improving recycling practices, cultivating a strong culture of reuse, and creating local climate and sustainability action plans, among others. By uniting our efforts, we create an environment of shared knowledge that inspires collective action, amplifying the impact of our localized endeavors.

“How will your work help make the whole of our efforts on climate greater than the sum of the parts –
a multiplication of our talent and our capacity?”
- MIT President Sally Kornbluth’s Inaugural Address


Fall 2023 Program for Staff

You will receive a bi-weekly email focused on one action you can take to make your workplace more sustainable and reduce MIT’s climate impact.

Attend the bi-weekly community check-in to connect with other MIT staff who are also taking steps to make offices, departments, labs, and centers across campus more sustainable. Share your own promising practices, ideas, challenges, and progress. Bring any questions for staff from the MIT Office of Sustainability.


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